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Adonis Montreal, 2001 Sauvé West Street Montreal,QC . 3100 Boulevard Thimens, 3100 Boulevard Thimens, Montreal, QC. 2173 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest 2173 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC stores.Grocery store specializing in Mediterranean products, with a bakery, meat counter & prepared foods.Great place to go for ethnic/middle Eastern food. It's nice to get things that you wouldn't find in your standard North American grocery store. The produce is often of good quality but not cheap, well not as cheap as the PA right down the store.

Adonis Montreal PDF Flyers 18 - 24 April 2024

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Adonis Montreal Circulaire Flyer – Downtown: Your Culinary Gateway in the Heart of the City

Nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Montreal, the Adonis store stands as a cornerstone for grocery enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of products to meet every culinary desire. A quick online search will guide you to its centrally situated location, promising accessibility and convenience for all downtown dwellers and visitors alike.

Once there, you will find a spacious parking area that caters to all, including disabled parking spots, ensuring a seamless shopping experience right from the start.

Weekly Flyers and Insider Saving Tips

Launching every Wednesday, the Adonis Montreal Downtown circulaire flyer becomes the gateway to a week filled with fantastic deals and savings. This flyer, readily available on, outlines a rich tapestry of offers, highlighting fresh produce, dairy products, bakery delights, and much more.

Besides checking the flyers, make sure to explore the store’s official website and mobile app for a plethora of exclusive deals, bringing the best savings directly to your fingertips. These resources are crafted to guide you in optimizing your shopping list while adhering to your budget.

Aisle Layout and Exclusive Product Range

The Adonis Montreal Downtown store welcomes you to a space where the aisles are meticulously arranged, guiding you through a rich and diverse range of products. Here, culinary traditions from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and other regions come alive, offering a diverse palate of authentic flavors.

A notable highlight is the store’s fresh section, where daily offerings of freshly cut meats and fish promise quality and freshness that is unparalleled. In addition, the store houses a wide range of unique products, serving as a hub for hard-to-find ingredients that cater to ethnic culinary traditions.

Competitive Pricing and Value Offers

In the competitive grocery market downtown, Adonis stands tall with a pricing strategy that is both competitive and value-driven. While not naming any specific competitors, it is widely acknowledged that Adonis Downtown offers a more economical price point on a plethora of products, particularly fresh produce and exotic culinary ingredients.

Moreover, shoppers can join the store’s loyalty program, a scheme that rewards your shopping experience with points redeemable for future discounts, adding a layer of value to your purchases.