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Adonis Scarborough weekly PDF flyer for 20 Ashtonbee Rd Scarborough,ON store.Very clean and neatly organized supermarket. Have a variety of products. Middle Eastern as well as Canadian products. They carry a variety of cheese, nuts, olives and many more items. Also lots of halal meats and fishes.Huge, very nice and clean supermarket that offer a variety of options: fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat (beef and lamb), fresh chicken (fillet, thighs, breast-skinless and with skin), fresh seafood (shrimps, salmon, tilapia, scallops, etc.), store made baklava, pastry, cakes, breads, dairy, deli, canned food, frozen food, etc.

Adonis Scarborough PDF Flyers 30 November - 13 December 2023

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Adonis Scarborough Flyer - Eglinton Corners: Your Gateway to Diverse Culinary Adventures

At the bustling hub of Eglinton Corners in Scarborough, the Adonis store welcomes food enthusiasts to a vibrant shopping experience. The location details are a quick online search away, facilitating an easy route to a destination rich in variety and quality.

As part of its customer-friendly facilities, the Adonis Scarborough store at Eglinton Corners offers a spacious parking area that includes spots for individuals with disabilities, initiating a hassle-free shopping journey right from the start.

Weekly Flyers and Money-Saving Opportunities

Every Wednesday, Adonis Scarborough unveils a flyer teeming with fantastic deals and discounts, making your weekly shopping a delightful savings fest. You can always stay updated with the latest offerings by visiting, a reliable resource to spot the freshest deals in Adonis Scarborough Flyers.

Beyond the flyer, the official website and mobile app of Adonis hold the key to exclusive promotions and savings tips, serving you the best deals on a silver platter and guiding you towards an economically savvy shopping venture.

Aisle Layout and Unique Offerings

Venture into the beautifully structured aisles of Adonis Scarborough where a world of culinary delights awaits. The store is renowned for its rich selection of products catering to various ethnic backgrounds, offering a rich tapestry of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and other global cuisines right in Eglinton Corners.

In the fresh section, customers will find an array of freshly cut meats, fish, and premium produce, promising quality that is hard to match. With its focus on bringing rare and special items to its shelves, the store ensures you have access to products that can’t be found elsewhere, facilitating a unique and exciting culinary journey.

Competitive Pricing and Value-Added Experience

Adonis Scarborough at Eglinton Corners has rooted itself in the marketplace with a competitive pricing strategy that offers quality without burning a hole in your pocket. While it is advised to make independent comparisons, regular patrons appreciate the value proposition Adonis brings, especially concerning fresh and ethnic products.

Adding to the appeal is the store's loyalty program, designed to reward regular shoppers with points that can be redeemed for discounts, making each shopping expedition not just a venture for groceries but a rewarding experience.