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Akhavan Foods flyer for AKHAVAN SUPERMARKET NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRĂ‚CE, 6170 Sherbrooke W. Montreal, QC H4B 1L8 and AKHAVAN SUPERMARKET WEST-ISLAND 15760 Boul. Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, QC stores. Akhavan offers Iranian, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern products which makes it the biggest Mediterranean & Middle-Eastern supermarket in Downtown & South of Montreal Island.
Akhavan is quite possibly the top Persian/ middle Eastern grocery store in Montreal. Everything is available and when I say everything they have a full selection of dry goods, fresh vegetables, meats, breads, pastries, nuts, fresh cheese, prepared food and take out. It's got everything and then some. Also noticed their tea selection is pretty much out of this world.

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