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Foodland cobourg weekly flyer for 990 Division Street Cobourg ON K9A 5J5
The new, COBOURG FOODLAND is an impressive, grocery store. There is lots of space between the aisles, which makes this shopping experience all the more comfortable. There is a wide selection of new products that weren't available in the Old Store. The Produce Department continues to present the freshest fruit and vegetables, in Cobourg. Fortunately too, most of the previous Staff have also made the transition and still provide their usual, warm, friendly service. I look forward to the new expanded Parking Lot, which will make it all the more convenient to shop at this Foodland!
Great layout for the new store.
Love the new sushi counter and bakery section!
Always easy to find what your looking for.

Foodland Cobourg PDF Flyers 30 November - 6 December 2023

Foodland Cobourg: The Culinary Crown of Northumberland

Located in the picturesque town of Cobourg within the Northumberland County, Foodland Cobourg is not just another grocery store – it's a community pillar. Anchored by its unmistakable facade and its prime location within this “gem of Lake Ontario”, finding this store is a breeze. For those who are still unfamiliar, looking for the impressive Victoria Hall or the serene beachfront can guide them right to its welcoming doors. As for parking? Residents and visitors alike appreciate the ample parking spaces available, ensuring a hassle-free beginning and end to their shopping journey.

Flipping Through Savings: Weekly Flyer Fest

As the week unfolds, so does the excitement for Foodland Cobourg's weekly flyers. Bursting with deals, seasonal specials, and fresh inspirations, these flyers are a culinary enthusiast's guidebook. For those who've swapped paper for pixels, platforms like have made access to these promotions easier than ever. This online space, dedicated to bringing shoppers the latest deals, synergizes beautifully with Foodland's ethos of providing value. Additionally, the store's digital footprint extends further with its own website and potential app, providing more avenues for patrons to explore discounts and special offers.

Global Tastes, Local Shelves

Dive into Foodland Cobourg's aisles and embark on a global culinary tour. Whether you're hunting for authentic Asian spices, Middle Eastern delicacies, or those hard-to-find European treats, this store likely has them stocked. Their vast produce section is a testament to their commitment to freshness. But it's not just fruits and veggies – the meat and fish sections stand out with their offerings of fresh cuts and catches. This ensures that customers don't just get run-of-the-mill groceries but have access to unique products that set Foodland Cobourg apart from others.

Unbeatable Prices in the Competitive Arena

When it comes to pricing, Foodland Cobourg establishes its prowess. While we won't point fingers, it's well known among the community that many items at Foodland come with a price tag that's more attractive than those at other grocery venues. This competitive edge, balanced perfectly with their undying commitment to quality, is what cements Foodland Cobourg's reputation as the top choice for discerning shoppers.
In summary, Foodland Cobourg isn't just where you shop; it's where you experience the fusion of global flavors, local community vibes, and the undeniable spirit of Northumberland. A visit here is more than just a grocery run – it's a rendezvous with taste and tradition.