Giant Tiger George St Ottawa

Giant Tiger George St Ottawa weekly flyer for 98 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5W2, Kanada
I really love their canned peaches, I bought 4. I just ate a tasty portion. Yummy on my tummy. Keep up the good kid with never running out. For over 25years when I first bought one can.
Amazing store. I am supper happy that it is near by me. At first prices are great. ANd it is the ONLY strore where you get clean buskets and carts, the personal really cleans it. In other stores buskets and carts are filthty and sebaceous and have terrible sticky stains. I hate to stay for 2 minutes choosing some busket or cart that isn't covered with fat and dirt. Giant Tiger is really a great store, For me it is super important that it is clean. The other thing that it is super important that their workers do not make you wait, they open another tilt if they see a long que. It also happens only in Farm Boy stores, but never happens in the others. Great store with great prices, and great service, 5 starts for sure