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This flyer is valid for Provigo 1155, boul. Talbot, Chicoutimi, Québec and 2120, Roussel, Chicoutimi-Nord, Québec

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Provigo Chicoutimi: Your Convenient Grocery Destination

Provigo Chicoutimi, nestled in the vibrant community of Chicoutimi, is a prominent grocery store known for its prime location and extensive range of products. This store, with its strategic positioning, is easily accessible to the residents of Chicoutimi, featuring ample parking spaces that contribute to a hassle-free shopping experience. Its central location in Chicoutimi ensures it's a convenient choice for daily grocery needs and quick stops.

Weekly Flyers: Navigating Through Bargains

Weekly flyers at Provigo Chicoutimi are an indispensable resource for customers keen on getting the most value for their money. These flyers, regularly updated, highlight various on-sale items including fresh produce, dairy products, and other household essentials. Shoppers can easily access these flyers via the store's website or mobile app. Additionally, subscribing to can be a game-changer, as it sends the latest deals directly to customers’ inboxes. Provigo Chicoutimi also provides useful saving tips and introduces customers to additional savings through store applications and websites.

Aisle Discoveries: Cultural and Fresh Food Selections

Provigo Chicoutimi prides itself on its diverse aisle offerings. The store features a variety of products catering to different ethnic groups, including authentic Asian, Middle Eastern, and other international cuisines, meeting the varied culinary interests of Chicoutimi's residents. Furthermore, the store stands out for its fresh food sections, offering freshly cut meats, fresh fish, and a wide selection of fresh produce. Some of these items are specialty products, making Provigo Chicoutimi a unique shopping destination for rare and high-quality ingredients.

Competitive Pricing: Value Over Cost

In the realm of grocery retail in Chicoutimi, Provigo Chicoutimi shines with its competitive pricing. The store consistently offers prices that are often more economical compared to other local grocery stores, especially on staple items. This approach to pricing ensures that customers enjoy both quality and affordability, solidifying Provigo Chicoutimi’s position as a cost-effective shopping option within the Chicoutimi community.
Provigo Chicoutimi is more than a grocery store; it is an essential component of the Chicoutimi community, offering a blend of convenience, diversity, and value. From its strategic location and ample parking facilities to its diverse product range and competitive pricing, Provigo Chicoutimi is committed to serving the needs of its customers. The utilization of digital platforms like for accessing weekly flyers further enhances the shopping experience, positioning Provigo Chicoutimi as a top choice for efficient and cost-effective grocery shopping.