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168 Market Alhambra, CA

168 Market Weekly Ad ALHAMBRA, CA
It s the best place to buy ingredients for Asian cooking. I can buy everything I need to cook authentic Vietnamese foods at home. Fruits and vegetables are fresh, unique, affordable and delicious. I bought shrimp paste, Vietnamese picked shrimp in cans.
One of the most organized asian market and have a lot of high quality groceries, meat and seafood. Although they don't have everything like Hawaii market.

168 Market Fremont, CA

168 Market Weekly Ad Fremont, CA
Great place to grab a moist and fluffy pastry from. Large variety of authentic food and spices. Has a large selection of fresh meat and seafood. I personally love their produce selection and if you are a ramen lover i highly reccomend checking out a asian food market because you will have a variety of options instead of just your run of the mill maruchan ramen.


168 Market Weekly Ad HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA
One stop of a grocery shopping place , 168 super market provides me with conveniences and affordability . It has a variety of Asian products as well as daily necessities . I love to shop in its vegetable sections that are full of fresh Asian fruits and vegetables . It also has a unique food court that offers Chinese breakfast and a lunch menu . It has a bakery department that provides cakes , sweet treats and bread . Compared with other super markets , I enjoy its reasonable product prices . 168 Super market is my favorite super market .

168 Market LAS VEGAS, NV

168 Market Weekly Ad LAS VEGAS, NV
Clean. Not smelly....other than the smell of bleach when they first open in the morning. Selection, Vegas wise, is good enough. My go to for Chinese grocery. Ladies at the check out counters are always nice.
Good selection of East Asian grocery items, including the less common bean curd rolls which is a culinary treat for those delving into vegetarianism. Also, there is a deli section for hot foods, such as roasted meat, dishes, noodles and dim sum.


168 Market Weekly Ad ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA
Has a lot of groceries, fresh meats, veggies, spices and sauces. Good selection of asian snacks and instant noodles too. There are a couple small stall/shops inside as well, one selling electrodomestics and the other selling fried snacks (I think it's currently closed due to covid). Theres also a cooked food/deli and a small bakery section. Never had an issue here.

168 Market SAN GABRIEL, CA

168 Market Weekly Ad SAN GABRIEL, CA
This is my favorite Asian market! Pretties is super reasonable and so is the meat market and seafood options. There's usually free samples on the weekends and a pretty wide variety of even non-food goods such as pots and pans, chopsticks, etc. Is even a pretty solid bakery!